Too Many Paths And Not Enough Directions.

Dear Awesome Reader,

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

An easy question for some, but a difficult one for me. All through primary school, between the ages of about 7 and 11, I wanted to be a primary school teacher. I’ve never really understood why. I just did. But when I started secondary school, the idea of being a teacher went out the window and new ideas emerged. For example, I wanted to become an educational phycologist, an interior designer, an author…Even now I still imagine what it would be like to have a certain job and if it would suit me.

I’ve never really come to the conclusion of what job I would like. I’m good at most subjects – but that’s the problem. Deciding what to put my mind to is what I’m struggling with.

I sometimes wonder if I am ever going to figure out which path to take. There are just too many paths and not enough directions…


11 thoughts on “Too Many Paths And Not Enough Directions.

  1. bubbakavangha says:

    Rather than thinking about certain jobs in particular and wondering whether they suit you, how about you look at what hobbies you have or what you enjoy then look for a job in that direction. Better to do something you love and enjoy then do something because you feel you have too

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  2. saraalindsey says:

    Don’t worry about all of this too much! I am 21 and in the same boat. Unfortunately, in high school they tend to pressure everyone about what they’re going to do with their lives and what college or university they’re going to choose. When I was in high school I found that they spent more time pressuring kids about going to post-secondary, that they neglected to let students explore their likes, and passions. I get so wound up by this subject, I may even write a blog post about it myself :P. My advice to you is not to stress about it, and really just dive into your passions and what you love, volunteer at a primary school, keep blogging, just explore and don’t focus so much on choosing a path, it will find you. (I also need to take my own advice! :P) Good luck!

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    • Caitlin The Teen Daydreamer says:

      Aww, thank you so much for commenting and giving such lovely advice! If you do write a blog post about it, I will definitely be reading it! 😉

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  3. arowhenua says:

    Hi there I got on your blog from wronghands ha ha it’s great. My mum is a self confessed daydreamer of old. Now when you talk to her you still have to make sure she is actually listening and doesn’t have that far away look.

    I wished when I was a teen someone had told me to pick something I was good at (yes I know I was an allrounder too but still got scores higher in some subjects) train in that and then apply it to what you enjoy/like. For example you might be good at accountancy (so far off shooting here)… train in it and then you say would really love to work in the arts industry, look for an accountacy position in a creative industry such as theatre… Can of course apply this to lots of things you may be good at standing on your head etc…… although acrobatics might be your only application with this one. : )

    Happy daydreaming….

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