Half Term Fail

Dear Awesome Reader,

Half term has finally arrived. That beautiful week off where I can spend all of my time lazing about, being generally unsociable and listening to my playlists over and over again on Spotify.

Whenever any break from school arrives, I always think “Oh yeah, now I have time to do this DIY project that I’ve been wanting to get round to doing!” It never seems to work out. I end up spending more time watching DIY videos on Youtube, than I actually do on the projects themselves. I’ll then start the project much later than anticipated and find that when I get into bed, my room smells of paint.

Or I’ll get inspired by some pinterest post and be like “Aww that’s such a pretty hairstyle, I’m going to do that now!” Do I get very far? Nope. I try for about 10 minutes and then give up, look for another cute hairstyle and then the cycle continues until I give up completely and I decide that I’m just going to leave my hair down.

What a waste of time, eh?

And have I learnt my lesson that I should leave DIYs and hairstyles to the experts? Probably not…


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