Thank you for being awesome!

Dear Awesome Reader,

May I begin with saying I hope you have a lovely day, regardless whether it’s Valentine’s day or not. (I’d like to point out that it is Valentine’s Day as I post this).

Now, swiftly moving onwards.

I have learnt many things from this short time blogging. The first being that I have such amazing friends. I knew this before I started blogging of course, but the support and encouragement has been incredible. Really, it has. And I’d like to say a special thanks to Anna, who sent me a seriously marvellous text yesterday regarding my blog. Thank you for being so lovely!

I’ve also learnt that there are some great people on here. For example, you! You, my Awesome Reader, are just fantastic. And I really mean it.

But one of the most satisfying things, is giving advice to someone and them actually finding it useful. Giving people that extra bit of confidence will make a difference, and I challenge you to do it too. Kind words always help.

Remember, if you think it is “crappy advice”, the receiver may think differently.

(Or, it may just be crappy advice).


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