Sweet Storage Solutions!

Dear Awesome Reader,

I have decided to show you some of the sweet storage solutions I use in my room. I hope you will find this helpful and, perhaps, get you inspired! Yeah, ok maybe that’s a bit far. Anyway, let’s get started.

Bubble gum machinegum ballgum ball 2

Here, I’ve used my old bubble gum machine to store all of my lip balms. I’d like to point out that, yes, I did wash it out before putting the lip balms in. I think it looks quite cute and it is a good way to keep all of your lip balms in one place instead of finding them in random rooms around the house. Of course, you don’t have to put in lip balms, you could put in anything you fancied.


Mugs are great for storing things like make-up brushes, but like before, you could really put in anything. Mugs are great too because there are so many wicked ones out there to buy and they can be inexpensive!

nail varishnail 2nail

Using a pretty box like this Cath Kidston one, is a great way to keep small items in. I’ve used it to store all of my nail varnishes in. Personally, I like to keep the lid open so it’s easier to access the varnishes and it’s almost like a little display!

colourscolours 2pencils

I needed something to store all of my pens and pencils in and so I found this plant pot in IKEA. Yes, you did read it right. It’s a plastic plant pot and was only around £4. I then bought some ribbon to tie around it and I think it is quite sweet!

bookdbooksbooks 2

Baskets can come in all shapes and sizes and are great storage solutions. The one I’m using to keep my old books in came as a set of two, and can be bought at the Range. I believe it was £8-10 for the two.

Well, that concludes my Sweet Storage Solutions! I hope you enjoyed and maybe try one of these out. If you do, please share down below or tweet me @TheTeenDaydream. Also, feel free to share what storage solutions you use!

Just remember this: wash it out first…


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