Wondrous Wednesday #1

Dear Awesome Reader,

Why are you, you?

It’s extremely hard to answer that question, isn’t it. What makes you, be you?

This is my take on it. Here goes, plunging straight into the deep end…

I think that you are a human being, (am I right?) and human beings are, undoubtedly, a very complicated species. Saying that, I have no idea where I am going with this so I…Ok got it. Let me proceed.

I think that we learn from our surroundings which shape our overall view on the world. We do it unintentionally sometimes, and the more we learn, the more our character changes. And then our attitude towards things changes too. There are so many things that influence us, alter our opinion on things and make us who we are.

You are you, because, well, you are.

I mean, if you weren’t you, who would you be?


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