10 Perks of Being Small!

Dear Awesome Reader,

Here, is a brilliant list I have devised: 10 Perks of Being Small. Now, I’d like to say, whatever your height you are, you’re still gorgeous. But seeing as I’m petite, it only seems right to talk about smallness.

10 Perks of Being Small

1. You can find the best hiding places. – For example, I once hid in my sock drawer.

2. Clothes are cheaper. – Less fabric, less money – right?

3. You don’t have to go on the scary rides. – You’re not tall enough and you look about ten.

4. You can become invisible. – You just stay quiet and poof! Invisible.

5. You can be spun around in the air. – And then land in a tree…

6. You can shrink. – To whatever size you like.

7. Hurdles are not a problem. – We can just run under them.

8. You can pretend to be a Hobbit. – Who doesn’t want to do that?

9. You can squeeze past people – And they won’t even notice!

10. You can sleep anywhere without discomfort. – Just curl up somewhere and fall asleep.

There is my list of 10 Perks of Being Small and some of them are a little exaggerated. But like I said before, height doesn’t matter. You’re amazing as you are.

Feel free to do a “10 Perks of Being Tall” post and make sure to send me the link!

So, what do you like most about your height?


13 thoughts on “10 Perks of Being Small!

  1. Balraj Sidhu says:

    My cousin sister is like 5’1” and she is 23 years old. She have always wanted 4 more inches to her height but now she has somehow embraced it. I don’t know if she had enjoyed this specific post or not; as her concerns are shifting to other things. But as her brother I always tease (don’t worry it is not hard/irritating/annoying teasing) her for her short height but she has always said that her height is cute & I like it 🙂

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