The Internet Tag

Dear Awesome Reader,

I was asked to do the internet tag by Bubbakavangha, but because I’m lazy, I’m only going to do some of the questions. In fact, I’m only going to do eight of them. Sorry to be such a disappointment.

Anyway, here goes…

What led you to blogging?

Good question…

Do you trust what Wikipedia says or not?

Well, it depends really. I still use it though!

What is your reaction to finding out you’ve lost internet connection?


On a scale of inconvenience to literal end of the world scenario, how do you feel when the internet is down?

Wow. The world might actually end!

Favourite person from the internet?

You, my Awesome Reader of course.

Favourite online game to play as a kid?

Moshi Monsters. I haven’t played on it for years and years so my monster is probably dead.

PC or laptop?

Laptop all the way and back again.

How easily do you get side tracked by the internet?

I very ea

Ok, that’s me done. I’m sorry, it’s just I don’t like writing long posts.



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