Wondrous Wednesday #2

Dear Awesome Reader,

Our wonder of the week, this week, is going to be “Is daydreaming good for us?”

Ok, so I’ve done a bit of research and according to phycologists, we spend around half our mental activity on daydreaming! I’m sorry, I just find that really crazy.

Eric Klinger (apparently a professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota), said that “…daydreaming is what makes us organized.”

Huh? So, technically, you’re saying that I get told off in school for being organized and productive?

I know it’s not quite like that but…

Daydreaming is an important way of exploring life’s possibilities in a safe way, especially for kids and teens. Apparently.

So there Mrs Fartybottoms, daydreaming is not something to tell me off for!

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