Bobble/Hair Tie DIY!

Dear Awesome Reader,

Here is an easy, cute DIY of keeping your bobbles/hair ties/those band like things you put in your hair, in one place. I just made it up last night and I thought “Hey! I could show my amazing skills off to the internet!”…

Here is what the transformation will look like:

rool and bobblesfinished roll

Things you will need:

  • A solid tube (this could be from a kitchen roll tube or, as I’m using, a tube that once had foil wrapped around it)
  • Bobbles/hair ties/you know what I mean
  • A pair of hands (preferably yours)
  • *optional* something to decorate with (pen, stickers…etc.)

This is so easy, and you can probably work out what to do just by looking at this picture, but I’m going to write it out anyway.

Step One: Get your tube.


Step Two: Get a bobble and tie it around the tube. (I had to wrap it around twice for it to stay on).

roll with bobble

Step Three: Continue wrapping around the bobbles. (I wrapping from the top of the roll each time and then slid the bobble down above the previous one).

roll with lots of bobbles

Step Four: This is when you can draw or decorate the top of the roll, or you may just want to cover the entire roll in bobbles.

finished roll

There. Easy peasy!

You can follow me on pinterest @TheTeenDaydream when I shall be pinning my amazing creation…ok it’s not amazing but I’m doing it anyway. Later.

Please leave down in the comments what you call “those things you tie in your hair”. 😉


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