10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me!

Dear Awesome Reader,

As my beauty product review is not quite finished, (I promise to post it later), I thought I would give you a little post anyway. Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about me:

  1. I have braces.
  2. Sometimes, I laugh so hard I cry.
  3. It baffles me as to why you are reading this.
  4. My favourite shoes are my Doc Martens.
  5. I’m obsessed with Pinterest.
  6. Now I’m really curious as to why you’re still reading this…
  7. I love to doodle.
  8. My favourite quote can be found here.
  9. I can be tired all day and then can’t get to sleep. Anyone else?
  10. My braces are turquoise.

Thanks m’dear Awesome Reader for putting up with that awful list. Hopefully, my next post will be somewhat better. If you’re into lipstick…

Please comment and suggest beauty products that you would like me to try out because I need some help for next week’s post. If you do suggest something and I use it in my post – I’ll be sure to give you a nice mention.


2 thoughts on “10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me!

  1. Christina Braccia says:

    I am the same way! I was so tired all night and here I am at 4am wide awake scrolling thru the blogosphere. One of my favorite products right now is my first aid beauty ultra repair cream. I live in Massachusetts and we have been buried in snow so the lotion is really saving my skin.

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