The Daydreamer Award #2

The Daydreamer Award

Dear Awesome Reader,

Every Sunday, I nominate new blogs for my award: The Daydreamer Award. This award is for the blogs that make you laugh, are inspiring, provoke your curiosity or are just unbelievably creative.

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Complete the challenge they set you.

3. Select a blog or blogs that you want to give the award to. (The amount of blogs you select is unlimited!)

4. Tell them about it and set them a challenge.

(Please include the rules in your post).

[You can use the image I have used for the award!]

Here are the people I am nominating:

One Positive Blog

Writing Stories Rocks

Christina Bee x3

Photography, Fashion, Lifestyle

Desire 4 Beauty

Awkward Missmatch

Fill Your Own Glass

Your challenge is to create an imaginary animal and describe it in as many words as you fancy!

Click here to check out The Daydreamer Award #1.


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