Clean & Clear ‘Clear & Soothe Daily Scrub’ Review

Dear Awesome Reader,

That was a mouthful of a title! Before I just jump right into this, I’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone who took part in sharing their inspirational blog posts yesterday! And a special little thanks to Opinionated Man for reblogging it. If he hadn’t done that it wouldn’t have had so much attention! If you’d like to take part just click on the link above!

Okay, so let us begin. This is what the product looks like:

daily scrubdaily scrub 2

Now, I have only been using this for a matter of only six days, but I have noticed that the redness of my spots has reduced so this really does work.

The application of this product is straightforward: you just wet your face and then apply it gently, massaging it around your face and then simply rinse it off! It doesn’t feel oily, perhaps a little creamy, and it makes your face seem so smooth. The product is specifically targeted for sensitive skin so it does feel really gentle. I put it on it the morning and then also in the evening just before I go in the shower so that I can wash it off in the shower although you could just use it once a day.

I bought it on offer in the shop Superdrug for £3.99! However, you can also buy it online at Boots for £4.99. For this price I think it’s really worth trying it out because it will last you for a good while seeing as you only need about a pea-sized about or less each time you want to use it!

I would definitely recommend this product; it has toned down the redness of the spots; is a good price for what you’re getting and will last you a good length of time.

Click here to see the product at Boots.

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