Ramble No. 43 – The Daydreamer

Awe this is so so sweet thank you I couldn’t stop smiling though out this! Wow I’m just shocked I honestly can’t thank you enough! XD


The Teen Daydreamer

As I’ve grown older with each passing year, I’ve come to understand more about human nature in better detail than I would have the month before. Of recent, I have come to realise that through basic human nature everyone seeks to Act and Succeed. We all want to be the best at something. But when we find that someone else is better than us and takes away the title we may have held, we hate it. And that’s basic human nature. We’re envious creatures.

The example for this which I can give is the results of my Media Mock that I got back earlier this week. The exam is out of one hundred marks and on my paper I earned sixty-eight marks. Not too bad and when I looked around at the other results, I convinced myself I had got the best in the class. That was until I later…

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