Short Story Friday – Caitlin The Daydreamer

Well, what can I say other than, once again, thank you so much and I loved it! You are so good at stories! Can’t wait to read the book you’re going to write 🙂


Caitlin sat at her desk in the classroom. Her eyes had fallen out of focus and she had been too lazy to correct her vision for ten minutes. Through the blur of her vision she could see the backs of the heads of her classmates and her teacher who was speaking utter crap to the class. Caitlin had shut her ears down and instead, chose the blurry vision and mumbled noises over the lesson she was forced to attend. She sighed quietly then corrected her vision so that she could see out of the window. Condensation had covered the glass and left behind the perfect amount of water to write messages and draw shapes on the pane. With her index finger, Caitlin pressed her fingertip against the cold glass then dragged the top of her finger along the pane and through the water. She wrote ‘dd’ on the window then…

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