One Monthsary!

Dear Awesome Reader,

On the 10th February of this year, I wrote and published my very first post. I had no idea that in one month’s time I was to have 99 followers and some amazing new friends (like you!).

Walking into school after publishing my first two posts, I decided to tell my friends all about what I had done. Rhian was very excited and so thought that she would start her own blog…and she did! I love her sense of style in her writing and if you haven’t already please check out her blog by clicking on her name! I promise you will be enlightened and she will definitely make you smile! 🙂

A few days later, Anna decided to make a blog and she’s also a lovely writer who you should definitely be checking out too! Her posts can be humorous but can also be quite personal.

A couple of days after starting my blog, I got my first follower: Bubbakavangha. I was so excited! Someone was actually reading my posts and followed me! AHH! Naturally, I followed him back straight away and now, I always look forward to reading his posts. Not long ago he wrote about starting s schedule and every Friday he would be posting a short story. He asked for ideas so of course I said that he should write about a girl, called Caitlin, who loves to daydream. I didn’t expect him to do it but he did. And it was brilliant! Click on his name to find out more!

There are so many Awesome Readers out there and here are some of them who you should be checking out: A Random Person Called Annie, Hann, I prefer deep blues and sea foam greens, Send Sunshine, edwinasepisodes, Real Mom of Long Island, Uma Devu, newauthoronline, Sophie Speaks Up, Sam O.Bscure and YOU! There are just some of the amazing people you should check out! To find more, just scroll down the sidebar until you get to the end and there should be even more of these awesome people sat in little boxes!

I am so proud to achieve what I have in my first month of blogging and I am so excited to see what will become in the next month! I have so much more I want to say so I will probably post later too! But for now…school! 😦

Once again, thank you so much for being an Awesome Reader! XD


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