SEVENTEEN ‘Va Va Voom’ Mascara Review

Dear Awesome Reader,

Our beauty product this Friday, is the Va Va Voom mascara by Seventeen. This is what it looks like:

seventeen mascaramascara seventeen

I actually got this for Christmas in a set of Seventeen makeup, but you can order this online as a single item for £6.29 at Boots.

I really enjoy using the product because it makes your lashes look more voluminous without feeling like your putting on too much mascara itself. I would say that it doesn’t create a lot of clumps when you use it and it feels comfortable on your lashes. For someone who perhaps doesn’t wear a lot of mascara and wants to start wearing a bit more, this could be something to try. It’s basically just a good all-round mascara!

If you would like to check out the product click here!

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