I’m Gonna Be A Drummer! 

Dear Awesome Reader,

Ok, so as you may already know, I am currently working on grade 5 piano but I’m not as passionate for it as when I started. Grade 5 is very hard and the only reason I am doing it is because I want to get a GCSE in piano. (I have no idea how to explain GCSEs to anyone out of the UK sorry!) 

After Grade 5, I’m definitely going to stop piano lessons because it’s just too difficult for me and I don’t always enjoy it! 

But, I want to play the drums! Umm…where has this come from? Well, I don’t know to be honest but I just feel like I really need to give it a go! 

I’d rather just teach myself than have lessons but maybe it is worth going to lessons for a bit to learn the basics and then crack on, on my own! 

Can you play any instruments and what is your favourite? 


18 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Be A Drummer! 

  1. annabellefranklinauthor says:

    I love piano and keyboards, though it can be frustrating when you keep hitting the same wrong notes. 😦 I gave up after Grade 2 and a change of piano teacher, then went back to it 12 years later with a much better teacher and did the rest of my grades. So much depends on the teacher!

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    • Caitlin The Teen Daydreamer says:

      Yeah I suppose! I do have a lovely piano teacher but it’s just I would prefer to just learn pieces of songs that I like if that makes sense? I’m very impressed with you doing grade 8 that must have been really hard!

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  2. The Storyteller says:

    I’m doing Grade 6 Piano but it gets hard to practice when you have school exams as well! (I’m in my last year of A-levels so my piano practicing has gone down to a minimum…!)

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  3. annabellefranklinauthor says:

    That makes absolute sense to me, Caitlin. Good luck with the drumming – the world definitely needs more female drummers (male ones are so unreliable!), and it’ll be a great workout for you as well. You can always go back to the piano later, if you want to.

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    • Caitlin The Teen Daydreamer says:

      Aww thank you so much for the support!! 🙂 I probably will do piano in my spare time rather than working towards a grade I think 😉 who knows!


  4. renée says:

    Yay! Congrats! I used to play the piano & understand wanting to stop after a while. I’m in my schools marching band, playing the clarinet 🙂 I used to play the violin too, until my teacher quit because she wanted a baby 😐

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