Share Your Blog! It’s International Day of Happiness!

Dear Awesome Reader,

It is the 20th of March today which means it is International Day of Happiness! It’s all about connecting with others and so I thought I should do another Share Your Blog Posts! Just comment below with a summary of your blog with a link!

*You are not allowed to comment if you only leave a link and write nothing and you are also not allowed to comment if you don’t connect with others!*

I would love it if you reblogged this post simply to get more people involved and because I have a small audience! Also, if you have posted anything about International Day of Happiness, leave a link below and I will reblog your post!

Please spread the love and get involved!


37 thoughts on “Share Your Blog! It’s International Day of Happiness!

  1. renée says:

    I love this idea of International Day of Happiness! The organization definitely has good intentions.

    My blog is a little bit like my online journal. I’m a college freshman trying to document my college life, trying to make it easier for other people. I write a lot about books/movies/food. My blog ranges from everything so yeah. Take a look around my blog and follow if you like it!

    Thanks 🙂
    Renee xx

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  2. Chloe Blades says:

    What a brilliant idea. Everyone wants readers and it’s a great way to find new and interesting blogs! I will absolutely be taking a look at the blogs listed here!

    My blog link is: and it is a travel/culture blog with some feminism incorporated into it too…don’t be afraid, it’s fun stuff! I promise 🙂

    Chloe x

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  3. lovetotrav says:

    Hi there! Well I didn’t realize it was the International Day of Happiness today so you made me happy telling me about it. I also have just started blogging about our travels as a family and those before my family. .

    I am a mom of 4 girls, a teacher and an obsessed traveller. We will also be moving from Canada to Cairo, Egypt this summer to live.

    My blog is:

    Have a happy day and an even happier year to follow.

    Take care, Cheryl 🙂

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  4. bubbakavangha says:

    As we as being international day of happiness it is also my sisters birthday so i have no excuse to forget this now.

    My blog is basically a collection of rambles that could be about anything, music reviews, average (i would say that that’s being kind to be honest) photography and short stories. Essentially, it’s a like reading a book, but a really boring book because nothing overly eventful happens in it unless you count University hunting…

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  5. MittenGirl says:

    Hello, everyone. I just (finally!) started my blog this week, so this is a very timely post!

    I don’t know if I was feeling the happiness yesterday, as it was snowing on the first day of spring.

    Anyway, my blog is just some rambles, rants, stories, etc about my life. I have a semi-specific point of view (loss, depression, turning 40, small-apartment living for two, long-term engagement, newly unemployed) but I try not to focus on the bad. So far my posts have been pretty light. I’d love for you to come over and check it out!

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  6. Boy Under the says:

    I go by the name of ‘Boy’ I hang out under a bridge and ponder and wonder. From here I get another perspective on life as it speeds by above me. When it comes to happiness, I think it’s all about perspectives.

    I blog to share my journey with others and to turn strangers into friends. Not all who wonder are lost after all.

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