The Body Shop ‘Strawberry Body Mist’ Review

Dear Awesome Reader,

Today I am reviewing the Body Shop’s ‘Strawberry Body Mist’. Let’s start off with what it looks like:

(The pen is there to help you visualise the size of the bottle!)

body mistbody mist 2

It is a 100 ml bottle with a delicious fragrance inside! The smell of the body mist is so gorgeous because it’s quite subtle and so when you spray everywhere, you don’t have to suddenly gasp for air because it’s too strong. It’s smells like sweet strawberries (obviously!) but it’s not overpoweringly sweet and so it doesn’t smell sickly.

You use this by just, spraying it all over your body (not the face). It can be good to use after showering or bathing but you can use it at anytime really!

If you would like to purchase this product click here. Just to let you know, it is £7.50 but if you are into body mists or perfumes (because technically you could use it as a perfume too) then it might be worth you trying out!

*I have not be sponsored to do this :)*

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