This Is What I Look Like…

Dear Awesome Reader,

Earlier today I posted this “What Do You Think I Look Like” because I was just curious I guess!

Thank you to all who replied and I suppose two people are equally as close really!

A Random Person Called Annie : I think you have boob/rib length hair, dark brown with either blond highlights or blond dip dye, and slightly wavy, and brown eyes.

Edwinas Episodes : I think you have got shoulder length hair, possibly blonde highlights and are quite slim

Technically Edwinas Edpisodes is the closest but…

I have light brown, straight hair which is just below my shoulder and I recently had blonde and blonde-brown highlights. I have brown eyes and I am petite. However, before my last haircut, I had longer brown hair with a blonde dip dye!

The only reason I did this was because I thought it would be fun to read the comments! But I know that looks aren’t all that important. They’re not.

I’ll leave you with my favourite comment written by Rhian from Teen on The Internet!

“Ginger bob/afro. Super tanned skin, blue eyes, medium height? Am I right or am I right?”

Bearing in mind that she is one of my best friends in school and obviously knows what I look like! If you haven’t already, check out all three bloggers because they are amazing and deserve more people to see their blog!

Remember, whatever you look like, you’re gorgeous 🙂


3 thoughts on “This Is What I Look Like…

  1. Teenella says:

    This a very nice post. I agree that looks aren’t everything and there is certainly no point of applying tons of make up if you are just walking down the street. Peoplr dhould just be themselves. Sadly, most are a long way away from this acceptance. We have similar hair by the way (although mine is darker)! And the same eye colour!

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