The Best Words-On-The-Go-Blogger!

Dear Awesome Reader,

So, I have been nominated by the lovely Bubbakavangha for The Best Words-On-The-Go Blogger! Thanks Aiden! And if you haven’t checked him out already, please do so!

The rules say that you have to nominate 5 blogs, notify them of the award and then pick a title from one of the blogs’ recent posts and write them in a short story.

I couldn’t find an award so I made one myself!

award best

Here we go! I’m nominating:

Edwina’s Episodes

I Prefer Deep Blues and Sea Foam Greens

A Random Person Called Annie

Teen On The Internet

But I smile anyway

“Hey! Hey mum!”

     “…hold back the river, let me look in your eyes…”

“Mum! Mum you are so embarrassing!”

     “…hold back the river, hold back…”

“Mum, stop! I want to tell you something!”

   “Oh sorry babes! What did you want to tell me?”

I’ve found a way to make myself less bored!”

     “What is it?”

My new passion is-”



     “Clumsy me…”

“What have you done?”

I’m going to leave it open ended, so feel free to comment and tell me what you think happened. I understand this is more like a script but I found it easier that way! Thank you for reading this pointless piece of text! 🙂


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