Cute Crafts! #1 – ‘Easter Card’

Dear Awesome Reader,

As promised, here is an Easter card craft which would be great fun to do with small children! It’s really easy and you can customise it any way you want!

Things you will need

A piece of A4 card

Colourful paper/card





Decorations (optional)



1) Fold the piece of card in half and draw the outline of an egg shape.

plain egg

 2) Poke a hole in the card with the pencil and cut out the shape you have just drawn. Remember to only cut on the one half.

 cut egg

3) Now it should look something like this. Although it’s probably much better because I can’t draw an oval!

 cut out egg

4) Then, get your colourful or patterned paper and cut strips.

 cutting paper strips

5) They should look something like this!

 strip of paper

6) Next, stick the strip down on the inside of the card.

 strip of paper sruck

7) Repeat until when you close the card, the egg is filled with colour!

 all paper

8) Stick the card together and decorate if you wish! Here’s how mine turned out!

 easter card

I apologise for the fact that I’m posting this late, but it’s the beginning of the Easter holidays *wooo* so I’ve been lazy basically!

If you give this a go, please send me a picture! I expect it will be much better that mine! 🙂

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