DIY Friday! #1 – ’60 Second DIY’

Dear Awesome Reader,

This is going to be a super easy, 60 second DIY for you! This what your finished product will look like!

jar in the dark

All you are going to need is:

Some fairy lights (I got my LED lights from IKEA for about £5)

A jar


Get your jar.

Start putting the lights into the jar.

Keep doing this until all of the little lights are in the jar and hide the “switch box” behind the jar.

Turn the switch on!

 jar 2jar in the dark side

(Click the pictures to make them bigger!)

See how easy that was?! I love this because it’s so quick and looks so effective!

I have some more things coming later on today where I will be showing you some Easter crafts which will be great fun to do with children!

If you try any of my DIYs or crafts, be sure to send me a photo! 🙂


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