The Daydreamer Challenge! Please Sign Up!

Dear Awesome Reader,

I’m going to be creating a blogging challenge called The Daydreamer Challenge! It will begin on the 6th of April and will last until the 12th.

It will be dedicated to connecting with other bloggers, finding new blogs and inspiring each other to post everyday for a week. It will be great fun, especially if you are new to blogging as it will help more people to find and read your blog!

To sign up, just click here!

Every time you respond with a post to one of my posts during the week, you will be gaining 10 points. At the end of the week, we will come together to discuss the winners and I will write a nice review on the blogs with the most points and some other cool stuff will happen! During the week, I will also be reblogging my favourite responses.

Also, if you reblog any of my posts concerning the Daydreamer Challenge, (including this one) then 20 points will be added! If you write a post telling your viewers to join in the Daydreamer Challenge…then I’ll add 30 points every time you do so! 🙂

More information will be given tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks!


25 thoughts on “The Daydreamer Challenge! Please Sign Up!

  1. wordsonwhim says:

    Reblogged this on Words On A Whim and commented:
    Hello Everyone! After scrolling through my reader before getting to sleep, I noticed sam0bscure, a fellow follower of mine and someone whom I follow back, reposted this post! and I have to say – it intrigued me. I’ve accepted the challenge and I’m willing to take part! Please follow theteendaydreamer and also take part in the awaiting fun filled mystery that is the daydreamer challenge! One that theteendaydreamer has decided to create! If you feel like taking part, click ahead, discover, sign up, and I’ll see you for the upcoming challenges due to take place in the future! Embrace the opportunity, Carpe Diem,
    Adios Amigos,

    Big Squeezy Hugs,
    Whim xoxo

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