The Daydreamer Challenge Updates and Badge

Dear Awesome Reader,

Thank you to all of you amazing people who have signed up for the Daydreamer Challenge. Already, 19 wonderful people have signed up and I’ve already given out…200 points!

They’ve got their points by reblogging my posts on the Daydreamer Challenge and posting a little something saying that their audience should join in. Thanks guys! 🙂

I have a post ready for Saturday where I will explain the point system in more detail.

Remember, the more people get involved, the better it’s going to be! Click to sign up if you haven’t already!

I have a plan of what will happen each day but if you have suggestions, feel free to comment below.

I’m thinking of having a badge so each time you respond to one of the challenges, you can insert the badge into your post. What do you think of this? I know it’s pretty plain and simple but…

The Daydreamer Challenge


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