The Daydreamer Challenge Points

Dear Awesome Reader,

With regards to the Daydreamer Challenge, I have included a point system and so the handful of people who have the most points at the end will get sort of, rewarded. I’m thinking that I write a review on their blogs with links, reblog my favourite post they did for the challenge and then perhaps allow some guest posting?

I need to know what YOU want, so comment below with suggestions!

If you’re sitting there reading this with no clue what challenge I’m on about, click here!

How points work

Writing a response to one of the challenges – 10 points

Reblogging any of my posts on the challenge – 20 points

Reblogging another blogger’s post on one of the challenges – 30 points

Writing a post telling your audience to join in – 30 points

I will be keeping track of the points so you don’t have to worry about that. I thought that points would just make it more interesting but if you don’t wish for me to keep score of your points then that’s fine.

Make sure to sign up if you haven’t already!


9 thoughts on “The Daydreamer Challenge Points

  1. justelm says:

    Awesome! Could you do me a favour and not tally any of my points? I love your ideas for them, but I’m just in this challenge for fun, and points – for me – add so much more pressure. Also, how about awarding points to those who mention blogs in this post that they found through the Daydreamer challenge? Just an idea!

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