Daydreamerchallenge #Day1


Silver Sparkling Stories

So excited to start a new challenge 🙂 So this is day 1 and I have chosen the forst topic Nature. It is called The Daydreamer Challenge! from the The Teen Daydreamer.


This is a fictional short story (some of it is real, but not all)

All my own photographs:

A place to remember

Schönbrunn 2015 (19)

Park Schönbrunn

Schönbrunn 2015 (3)

Schloß Schönbrunn- the castle Schönbrunn

What beautiful music! The Vienna Philharmonic inspire me today especially. I am now in the Summer Night ConcertSchönbrunn 2015, and now I see a different side of it. Everywhere are chairs and in front is a huge stage set up. It’s like being in a concert hall, only that it is outside in the beautiful park of Schönbrunn.The flowers are bright in red, pink and orange smelling exotic. Today the weather is warm, sunny and it does not rain like last year. The sun touches my skin softly. The castle shines in…

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