The Daydreamer Challenge, Day 1: Blue


Just Call Me Elm or Something

The Daydreamer Challenge has begun, and it’s day 1! This is my response to it: if you want to see the other prompts or want info about the challenge, take a look at this post:

Right, onto the post! The prompt I used for this is the colour blue. Except… I did something a little different with it. This isn’t a poem, a short story or a description, really – it might be a bit of all three, but it might be something completely different. I hope you enjoy!
Okay, look up at the sky.
There! Right when those clouds are out of your way – no, don’t look to ME for when that is, use your eyes! No, I won’t – for goodness sake, I’ll get to that!
See that? That beautiful colour, stretching up and up and up: there’re streaks of yellow and gold where the…

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