The Daydreamer Challenge (Day 1): Nature, Sunsets and The Colour Blue


mixolydian musings

The Daydreamer Challenge

So today is Day 1 of The Daydreamer Challenge, hosted by Caitlin @ The Teen Daydreamer. There’s still time to sign up and it should be a bit of fun, so mosey on over here if you want to sign up! Today there were three photo prompts, with the challenge to write about one of the topics presented…nature, the beach, or blue. My pick is kind of both blue and nature…read on to find out exactly what on earth I’m talking about!

A pretty sunset. A pretty sunset

I’ve got a bit of a thing for sunsets or pretty skies. We’ve just redone one of our bathrooms (which was really manky before), and there’s now a lovely big window. The window’s actually exactly the same as before, but it looks much better because before part of it was blocked off, but now you can see the whole width of it and you…

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