The Daydreamer Challenge : Day 1

The Daydreamer Challenge

Dear Awesome Reader,

I’m soooooo excited to announce that…


*Applause* Thank you, thank you!

Get your keyboard ready as we begin to embark on our quest in completing the Daydreamer Challenge! Thank you to all of you amazing, incredible, wonderful, AWESOME people who have taken the time to sign up for this crazy challenge! If you haven’t signed up, then you can still be an amazing, wonderful, AWESOME person by clicking and signing up now! Remember, anyone can sign up at any time!

Today, I will give you 3 topics, each with picture prompts and ideas. All you do is pick a topic and write about the topic you have chosen in any form you like! It could be a poem, short story, description, memory, anything! And you get points! Click here if you want to know about daydreamer points! (Reblogging this post will earn you 30 points!)

Here we go! Oh and all of the pictures have been taken by me!

Topic 1 – Nature


I love looking at nature and I think it can be very inspiring and beautiful. It would be great if you could write a poem or description based on these photos. But, it’s totally up to you!

Topic 2 – The Beach


I live on the coast and so the beach is something very close to me – quite literally! The beach can be quite nostalgic and can bring back memories of a great family outing! The beach would be a good topic to choose if you are thinking of writing a memory or short story but, it’s up to you!

Topic 3 – The Colour Blue

blue1 blue2 blue3

My favourite colour (or ‘color’ to my lovely American writers) has to be blue. If you are thinking of writing a poem, using the colour blue as your prompt could be a good idea.

Whatever you write, I know it will be amazing and I look forward to reblogging my favourites! If you fancy writing about more than one of the topics, perhaps write each one in a new post.

Please  click here  so you know what you need to include in the post!

Tomorrow’s post will be nothing like this, something totally different, so look forward to that! 😉

Right, good luck and get typing! 🙂


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