Daydreamer Challenge #1: Nature


kimberly Woods

Thanks to The Teen Daydreamer for putting forth this challenge. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out her blog & look into taking on the challenge yourself. It’s a great way to stretch your imagination & hone your technique.

For today’s challenge, I’m sharing a story based primarily on a collection of experiences from my teenage years.

I place one foot firmly on the lowest branch of the towering pine, trusting my combat boots to dig into the bark and carry my weight. Reaching up, I grasped the next branch, its roughness scraping some skin from my palm. I hoisted myself further into the its sturdy boughs, climbing as I high as I could reach. I stopped my ascent as I felt the pine swaying, wind rushing past my face. I swung my legs over the thickest limb and pushed myself against the trunk.

I surveyed the…

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