Daydreamer Challenge Day #1- Ten Reasons I Love Beach Locations


Shop Girl Anonymous

If I were single with no children I would manage my own retail location along a beach.  I have managed other tourist locations in other places, but there is nothing quite like a beach, especially one with a nearby cruise terminal.  I remember when I was a store level manager we always held our conference calls on my days off, but I was fine with that.  I would drive the thirty minutes to the Galveston shore, lay out on the beach and place my phone on speaker, work is so much more enjoyable in paradise.  I’ve heard many other managers complain about the high cost of living and food when you run a tourist location, and the insanely boring seasons of no tourism in the colder months, but for me it would all be worth it for these 10 simple reasons:

1. Insanely crowded all days of the week.  You don’t have…

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