Daydreamer Challenge Day 2 – picture


annemarie & life

Day 2!!!!!! YEY 😀


I chose idea 1:

Choose/take a photo of something that represents you. It can be anything from a colour to an object. Whatever you feel represents you and your personality. Include a short paragraph about how it represents you and what it means to you.


This is me 😀 (ok it isn’t but anyway)

Why this picture represents myself you may ask? Well,…

I love music – headphones

I study a lot and with pleasure – books

I am blonde – hair

laugh a lot hahahaha 😀

Of course there is no meaning behind this picture but let me tell you what music and studying means to me…

I just love music – can’t help it. ❤ I know everybody says that music is great, but to me music means so much more. The melody of some songs evokes certain feelings – some bad and sad…

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