The Daydreamer Challenge : Day 2

Dear Awesome Reader,

What an amazing day it was yesterday! Thank you to everybody who took part in Day 1 of the Daydreamer Challenge and I wrote you a little note to say thank you! (Click here to see it). I sort of went on a bit of a ‘reblogging spree’ as I loved all of the posts and I reblogged every single one! 🙂

I honestly can’t believe how many people got involved and if you haven’t, then feel free to join in at any time! You can click here to see Day 1.

Today is going to be something totally different, and it’s going to be about YOU!

I’m going to give you two choices since I gave choices last time! You can even choose both if you want to!

Idea 1 – Choose/take a photo of something that represents you. It can be anything from a colour to an object. Whatever you feel represents you and your personality. Include a short paragraph about how it represents you and what it means to you.


I’d pick this photo, simply because I am, obviously, a daydreamer and I love warm sunny days where you can gaze up to the sky and see this beautiful sight! It’s just so dreamy! 🙂

Idea 2 – Pick a word that best describes you best and explain why. Then, make up a word from your imaginary imagination which could be used to describe you!

Mine would be daydreamer (no explanation needed there!) and my made up word would be ‘rẽvệriẽr’ (I think I’ve actually created my own language). This is a word inspired by the French word for daydream!

I apologise for the late post, but I hope you enjoy! Click here if you don’t know what you need to include.

Look out for Day 3 and it will be all about helping each other out as bloggers, there’s your clue! 😉


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