Daydreamer Challenge Day 3 – be nice ♥


annemarie & life

Hello again! 🙂


Today, the challenge is to say something nice about another blog.

Ok, first things first: I could NOT choose between some awesome blogs – and I didn’t want to 😀 So I am going to “review” on several great bloggers ❤

  • a caffeinated blog: This blogger’s style of writing is AWESOME!! I really love the posts on this blog! It’s really great. This girl is awesome and extremely inspiring. I love her way of writing and the blog is totally worth a read ❤ The topics she deals with are just so… well, great 🙂
  • .life with shau: Also this blog is great! I really enjoy reading her interesting blogposts on different topics.
  • one sip at a time: I have discoverd Renée’s blog through the Daydreamer Challenge and so far I have to say that her blog is really cool just because she deals…

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