Daydreamer Challenge Day 3 – Blog about a Blog!!


But I Smile Anyway...


Day 3 and Caitlin has requested us to write about another blog…here…

Wow! How do you choose just one blog??!!

Well, I already knew, as soon as I read this who I would write about, purely because we seem to gelled so well!
Its gotta be Edwina’s Episodes!
We happened upon one another a couple of months back, and I have to say its one of the blogs who’s posts I won’t miss!
Edwina and I have found a wealth of similarities from the area we live in, to our general outlook on life! The way we blog is so similar too! Click on the link and you’ll see for yourself! There is humour, poetry, family life, opinions… Its great! And best of all, she’s a communicative blogger, always happy to interact with her readers, and to comment on posts she reads herself!
If you’re looking for a read…

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