Daydreamer Challenge Number 1!


Words On A Whim

Hey there readers! Today, it turns out I’ve made a few blogging errors (darn darn darn darn darn!) The first, I’ll explain in another post which I will post tomorrow. Today, I will post both Day Dreamer Challenge 1 and 2, because I missed both days (double triple quadruple darn) and so here I am. Here is challenge 1, please enjoy it two days late and pretend it isn’t…

Click here to see the original blog post for Challenge 1!

Today’s challenge is to pick a theme, and a picture and write whatever comes to mind from it. My theme is beach, and here is my picture: beach2

I’ll be honest, I picked this photo because I’m terrified of dogs, and the other two photos had dogs in. So I picked the camper van instead so I wouldn’t be staring intently at the photos shaking all over (although, this would actually…

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