The Daydreamer Challenge (Day 2): I am an Angel and a Butterfluff.


Sophie Speaks Up

Yo, people! This post is part of the Daydreamer Challenge by the lovely Caitlin @ The Teen Daydreamer. Sign up now if you still haven’t! Better late than never, you know. (You didn’t listen to my spoon and fork warning, did you? I’m serious about that, by the way. I know the art of the spoon and fork torture, I’m telling you!) The signup sheet is here, the rules are here, the point-system is here (Have I mentioned that you get points for each challenge and that there is an award for the blogger who will get the highest points? Well, I have now!), and the challenge for Day 2 is here. So, what are you waiting for? Get you fingers typing and sign up for the challenge…NOW! Oh, please. Don’t tell me you’re too chicken for it? Pfft. Chickens.


Now, we were challenged by Caitlin…

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