The Daydreamer Challenge: Day 3


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What’s up, Internet?

So it’s day 3 of The Daydreamer Challenge. If you haven’t heard about that, it would be cool if you checked it out. For today’s challenge, we have to write a short description about another blog we like. In all honestly, I have been struggling to do that as I’m not very active with the blogging community. I’ve haven’t really discovered many blogs, even though I’ve started blogging for a while now. *cringe*

Despite the fact that I haven’t been very active, I do have a blog that I have taken interest to, and that’s Books, Tea and and an Onesie! I like her blog because of how I just can relate quite a lot to her posts and a lot of them are fun to read 🙂 Also, I found her account when I was trying to find a blog especially about books or music…

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