The Daydreamer Challenge (Day 3): Delusions and Daydreams


Sophie Speaks Up

Day 3 of the super awesome Daydreamer Challenge. Did you sign up? I told you to sign up! Don’t tell me you didn’t? What?! Oh, dear. Do you know what happened to those people who didn’t sign up? I tortured them. I tortured them like I said I would. I tortured them by constantly beating their bodies with a spoon! But, it’s not just any spoon. It’s THE spoon. Three people didn’t not survive the wrath of THE spoon. Do you wanna be next in line?


Anyway, for Day 3, we were challenged by the ever lovely Caitlin to say something nice about another blog. Oh, that’s easy-peasy!

I’m going to talk about two blogs: Problems With Infinity and, of course, The Teen Daydreamer! (Click on the images to visit their blogs. Follow them if you haven’t, okay?)

The Teen Daydreamer


How could I not feature Caitlin’s awesome blog…

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