The Daydreamer Challenge : Day 4 – Blogging Tips


Dear Awesome Reader,

Welcome, welcome to Day 4 of the Daydreamer Challenge! (Can you believe how quickly it’s going?!)

Don’t worry if you’re a few days behind, you can always click to see the day you missed and catch up:

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

Okay so what I thought we’d do today is share some tips about blogging. Now, I know that some of you may be thinking “Gosh, I haven’t been blogging long enough!” or “I don’t feel like I understand blogging enough to be giving out tips!”

But I can guarantee that you learnt many things! It might be that before, you never used to bother finding other blogs but when you did, it helped you gain not just followers, but friends too!

Simple little things like that! I’m not going to say much else as I want YOU to come up with the ideas! You can share as many tips as you like! Then, I’m going to copy and paste one of your tips onto this post and link your blog to it! So basically, this post is going to be edited a lot!

Now go for it! 🙂 Remember to check out the blogs linked to find out more of their blogging tips!

A Little Daydreamer (me!) – I find that when bloggers write from their heart, it makes their posts feel so much more genuine and it’s as if you really are getting to know them. And that’s what makes me want to read more! 🙂

Edwina’s Episodes – Enrol on a ‘Blogging 101′ course or the writing or photography course, whichever one appeals to you, This really helped me to learn some of the basics even though I had already been blogging for a few months. You get to meet lots of other bloggers and can share tips and get feedback so it is a really worthwhile thing to do.

Silver Sparkling Stories – As I am a visual person I like to add photographs, drawing and videos. In my opinion this make the posts more visual attractive and you have an image in your mind. Use some visuals if you like it.

Lrod’s Blog – Comment as much as possible on other’s blogs to gain views and followers.

Just Call Me Elm Or Something – Don’t feel like you have to write what your readers want to read. Of course, that’s going to factor in somewhere, but your readers should like what you write ANYWAY. If you constantly write what people WANT to read, you’re not writing what YOU want to write, and it takes the enjoyment out of it.

Words On A Whim – I know what it feels like to be a first time blogger. I was lucky to get 7 followers in my first few months. In recent months I have sky rocketed, and although 240 something isn’t much (I think that’s the number I’m at anyway!) it’s good enough for me, and I hope all of my readers enjoy it! Stats will grow as time goes by. I’ve been blogging for a year and my blog has developed so much, and my stats have continued to grow. You get good and bad days. Know that blogs take time and patience – don’t expect anything, and then when something does come you’ll be bouncing!

A Random Person Called Annie – I also think that writing relatable posts is good, since people can obviously relate with you, meaning that they feel some kind of connection. This reason has made me follow the majority of the people I’m following.

Shop Girl Anonymous – Each day I walked into my shop I checked what my earning goal would be for that individual day.  I would break down the goal into chunks, like what would that mean I would have to earn per hour? With blogging I do the same thing.  I set goals each month of how many views I would like compared to the last months’ numbers.  I look at my growing trends and figure I’m going to at least grow equally as much as my consistent growth, and then I push myself to go higher.  What does that mean for me daily?  How much should I reach out, market, post?  What habits really help me to achieve my goals?

But I Smile Anyway… – Join some blog parties, to get yourself out there, then when you feel confident, host your own! I did, its been a huge success!

On Sip At A Time – I know keeping up with a schedule is hard. I don’t keep a strict calendar of when I post but I generally try to post at least once or twice a week, just kind of updating my blog with what’s been happening in my life or I’ll write about something that’s going on in current events. Don’t post only once every full moon. People are going to loose interest in your blog and most likely unfollow you.

Julie Powell – Graphic Artist – I have found that if you write what you feel there are so many people out there who have been there, know exactly how you feel and can sympathize or at least empathize with you. If it’s a funny tale, often people tell you it brightened their day.

Sophie Speaks Up – Don’t. Be. A. Snob. Like I said, blogging is like joining in a big family. Interaction is a vital part of it. So, visit other blogs, write a comment, say hello, and make friends! Don’t just leave a post and expect other bloggers to do whatever you want them to do with it. If they left a comment on it, reply! Interact. Even if you were the best blogger out there, no one would want to “stay” with you if you’re just gonna ignore them. Reach out! We’re family and that’s what family do, right?


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