Sleepover Shoutouts & “The Bloodshot Eye” Look

Dear Awesome Reader,

Sleepovers are so fun but…going to sleep at 5:00am…yeah…

My eyes are now a lovely…bloodshot kind of colour! As I’m all about the trendsetting, I’m thinking of doing a tutorial for you guys on how to make your eyes look that kind of colour. Comment below if you want me to, but I mean, why wouldn’t you want your eyes to look as attractive as mine right now?

Thank you to Emily for inviting me over and I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and look forward to going back to school on Monday!

Also, a thank you to Rhian who helped create the “bloodshot eye look” as we talked and talked until 5. (Nah I’m just kidding I’m not giving her any credit; it was all my idea!)

I’m off to nap now but remember to comment even though I already know that you want the tutorial so badly! #THEBloodshotEyeLook


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