Thank YOU For The Daydreamer Challenge!

Dear Awesome Reader,

I understand that it has been 4 days since the Daydreamer Challenge finished, I just haven’t had time to make this post before now!

Thank you so much to all of your wonderful people for taking part, and those who perhaps didn’t take part themselves but continued to follow the challenge!

Instead of writing a post, I thought I would have a page on my blog which has all of the blogs (with links) who completed the Daydreamer Challenge! Click here to see it! I’m so proud of you all for being so lovely and joining in!

Because it was so successful, I will be running another Daydreamer Challenge in August which is when the summer holidays are! Yay!

I can’t thank you all enough really; you made this challenge such a success!

Also, to get more than 2000 views during the Daydreamer Challenge week is super crazy and I am so grateful! Thank you!

So, I hope you look forward to that in August even though it’s a little while away yet! 🙂


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