True Passion

Dear Awesome Reader,

I can easily become passionate about a certain subject but after a little while, the determination is not apparent anymore and unfortunately I lose interest. But blogging isn’t like that.

My blog has become something I am deeply passionate about and is something which I could never just, give up. I am constantly finding new ways to improve my blog and increase numbers; I want my blog to grow into something bigger, something I can use to inspire and motivate those who choose to read.

I have a desire. And that desire is what motivates me, it compels me to think of innovative ideas. My blog will always be evolving due to the deep desire I have, burning in the pit of my stomach.

As you know I have made many changes to my blog recently, one of them being that every Wednesday, I will now be answering your questions! If I choose to answer your question, you will be mentioned in my post! Please click here to ask me a question or ask me on twitter @alildaydreamer! #AskCaitlin

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you don’t think I’m being too ambitious; as long as you have a desire, you can never be too ambitious. ❤


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