I’m Upset…

Dear Awesome Reader,

I did have a Motivational Monday ready to post today, but I feel like this needs to be addressed.

As you all know, I love to inspire others, but it’s upsetting when another blogger takes this too far.

I find it upsetting that this blogger has copied a lot of my ideas and designs. I find it upsetting that I’ve lost this blogger’s trust.

Previously, I had, very kindly, explained to them that their blog looked extremely similar to mine. They were very apologetic and promised to change the way their blog looked.

But their blog has continued to look more and more like mine and they have created a blogging series, practically the same as one of mine.

The reason I am so upset is because it feels as though my blog isn’t as unique as it once was. It feels as though my blog’s identity is gradually beginning to fade.

Perhaps you think I’m over reacting, but I needed to get this off my chest as I’m upset by the whole situation. If you’ve ever been in this position, then I apologise.

If the blogger I’m taking is about is reading this, then I’m extremely sorry if I have upset you. This post is not directed to upset anyone, it is simply to make other bloggers aware of this issue and to express my feelings towards this matter.


26 thoughts on “I’m Upset…

  1. hellaturnup says:

    😦 Don’t be concerned with your blog, you have the originality to stay fresh and current so you wont be fading, they will be when they can’t pinch your ideas anymore. I wouldn’t even see them as competition like that. Its flattering they think your blog is so awesome they want to copy it, and leave it there. Ignore them and their blog. It will eventually be offline anyway once they give up copying you.

    And to the copiers, why?! BE YOURSELF! EVERYBODY ELSE IS TAKEN! And honestly, why wouldn’t you want to be yourself, i’m sure people would really love to identify with the real you on your real blog.


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  2. dreamwanderer1 says:

    Hi there!
    Dont worry about being unique…
    You truly are one…
    They might copy your ideas but they can never know whats going on in your mind…
    I know it feels bad when you have done so much and worked hard a lot to build up something as amazing as your blog…
    And I also know that nothing i say can erase how you feel now!
    If the person really has a heart,then he will surely get your message and change his/her blogs!
    But remember that the world is full of people like this…
    Who doesnt have an originality and likes shortcuts in life!!!
    But stay strong…believe in yourself…
    This too shall pass!
    But i love your blogs!
    Much love,

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  3. tieganslife says:

    I just clicked on your blog (I already follow you but I’d never actually seen your blog page because mobile) and I have to say it is beautiful to look at so I’m really sorry that someone has been copying you.

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  4. Elm says:

    😦 Oh god! Who would do that? Even if not intentionally – why would ANYONE do that? I’m so sorry this has happened – but you are too special to be “copied”. No matter what, no one could EVER hope to copy you.

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  5. The Storyteller says:

    If this happened to me then I would definitely be upset too! Especially if it’s a series of posts that you’ve been working on and the other person doesn’t give you any consideration. Your blog is great and I love reading all your posts! So just keep being you 🙂

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  6. aribebop says:

    Im so sad to read this. I agree with all the above comments. I love your posts and your blog. The main thing for me is that your lovely genuine nature shines through in what u write. Thats what can’t be copied.😉 ps glad its all sorted now
    Ari 💜💙💚

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  7. lovetotrav says:

    I am a teacher and see this a lot in the classroom especially during art. I always say that flattery is the best form of a compliment even if it doesn’t quite feel like it at the time. You are clearly self-confident and creative; two skills that will take you far in the world. Take the higher road, keep your chin up, be proud of who you are and keep doing what you do and like. That will take you to where you want to be.

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  8. Sophie Kat says:

    I wouldn’t mind people getting ideas from my blog but it would really be upsetting if they straight up copied stuff. If on the other hand, one of my posts looks very similar to others, it would be purely coincidental because I would never ever copy stuff even though my posts seem cliche. They’re just cliche but never plagiarized. LOL. I hope everything’s mended and settled now. 🙂 Don’t worry, Caitlin, we know how awesome and unique you are and you can never be duplicated. 😉

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