An Introductory Post : Teens Tell Their Story

Dear Awesome Reader,

As many of you already know, Sherina and I are planning an ambitious project called ‘Teens Tell Their Story’ which will begin in the Summer and continue to be an ongoing project. Our goal for this project is to create an online community of teenagers, where we can discuss and express our opinions towards certain matters. We hope that the community will grow into something bigger, where we all support and encourage one another to pursue our dreams and aspirations.

This is a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests as you and as it will be monitored by us, there will be no rude or upsetting behaviour. The project is also going to include non-bloggers, however we will go into more detail another day! We have so much to say that if we explained it all now, there would be way too much information to take in!

We’re super excited and we hope you all are too! This post is just a little introductory of what we aim to accomplish, so make sure to check out both our blogs for new information. (We will have a page on our blog explaining more which will be coming soon).


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