Eurovision Blogging Party!


Dear Awesome Reader,

Tonight is the Eurovision Song Contest and so I thought it would be appropriate to host a blogging party!

Comment below and introduce yourself and feel free to include a link to your blog! Then, tell us which country you think is going to win! Personally, I’m betting on Sweden! Throughout the contest, feel free to continue to comment with your thoughts on each country! Good luck to all! 😉

I understand that not everybody will be watching it, but even so, feel free to comment and share your blog!

Enjoy and have fun! ❤

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15 thoughts on “Eurovision Blogging Party!

  1. fantabulea says:

    Hi i’m lea and i love dancing 💃🏼
    I’m from germany but i personally quite like israel i have to say… Or sweden is also great 👍🏼
    Just click my name to Come on my blog i can’t link it 😿
    Bye bye

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  2. signorad says:

    Hi! I’m Angel from London, England (as opposed to London, Canada!) I have several blogs including a lifestyle blog called Chez Mrs. D

    Unfortunately I don’t watch Eurovision any more although it was once a family tradition but it’s not as great as it once was sadly.

    However I’m obviously rooting for UK to bring it home for us, and failing that, as my husband is from an Italian family I’d have no probs with seeing Italy win! 🙂

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  3. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Greetings! Z here – not quite sure what to write other than I like spinach and maths and okay I think I ought to push the brakes down there!
    Eurovision….ahhh! I’ve no formulated opinion to hurl your way but whatever happens for whatever country; hazaar! My mother’s been watching it and admittedly I haven’t due to revision. Back to covalent bonds I go!

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  4. The Storyteller says:

    I’m Janet, I blog about anything and everything because I think limiting yourself to one category can get a bit boring. I’m half South African… I live in England… I love to swim… and that’s about it. *Wow, Janet, that was such a great way to get people interested in your blog, well done…* Oh, one other thing, I sometimes get a bit strong on the sarcasm but it’s mostly aimed at myself. I don’t know if you could tell.
    I would be voting for Sweden if I wasn’t away in Bordeaux at the moment, so… yeah. Make sure you make the right choice tonight!

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  5. Nicole Alexandra Chua says:

    Hi! I’m Nicole 😀 Born in the Philippines and 1/4 Chinese 🙂 I write poems usually poignant ones ( and a fan of The Walking Dead TV Series, book, music and movie junkie, Astrologist wanna bee, into Business Economics, a blogger but don’t have a Twitter and an Instagram account only Facebook LOL I’m gonna go for UK! ❤

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  6. Melody says:

    Melody here.
    I don’t watch Eurovision (I didn’t know what the heck it is until this week lol) so I have little idea about it. To be fair though I’m from Taiwan so it might not be a surprise that I don’t know a lot about it. Sounds fun, nevertheless. 🙂
    I blog about whatever comes to my mind, often coming in sarcastic and enthusiastic (or so I think) words, mostly about books, science and school. Wow isn’t that exciting.


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