Where Would YOU Like To Travel?

Dear Awesome Reader,

Did you know that people from 52 different countries have visited my blog? I find that so incredible!

Anyway, previously I have mentioned that I would love to do some travelling when I’m a bit older and so I thought that I would share some of the countries that I would like to visit! Firstly, I would love to visit New Zealand because of the beautiful landscapes and obviously I would LOVE to see Hobbiton! I would also like to visit Australia because of the amazing beaches and France because I like the language! I would also like to visit other countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden…

Basically, I have a lot of countries that I would like to visit!

Leave a comment and tell us where you’re from and what countries you’d like to visit! And if you’re from any of the countries I’ve mentioned, tell me all about it! ❤


21 thoughts on “Where Would YOU Like To Travel?

  1. jdawgswords says:

    I messed up and got myself a nasty little felony so i’ll never travel…I always wanted to visit Africa, NZ and the land down under,the Siberian express the UK and to ride the tube…enjoy your life…consider a job as a travel agent…or some job that pays you to travel…consider missionary work…lots of ways to get some travelling done…

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  2. Yinglan says:

    I’m from the suburb of Salt Lake City and I would really really really like to visit Europe and not necessarily the big cities. I would like to visit the remote places in Asia like Western China. I’m not claustrophobic. I just don’t like big cities.

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  3. lovetotrav says:

    I am from Canada but have lived in the Netherlands, Korea, Cambodia, S Africa, Mozambique, Suriname and Lesotho. I am moving to Egypt so I hope to see Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Zambia. I am clearly travel obsessed so my wanna visits list is actually much longer than this!! Hope you get to your list which I am sure you will. If you are intent on doing so, you will make it happen. Happy future travels, Cheryl

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  4. bubbakavangha says:

    Anywhere that takes me fancy to be entirely honest. I’d love to be in America for Mardi Gras and New Zealand seems pretty damn good looking too. Oh an Iceland for the Northern Light but also to hear about why they believe in elves

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