Summer Storage Ideas!

Dear Awesome Reader,

Today I thought I would share with you a little storage idea for the summer! Here it is :

DIY Makeup Storage 2

DIY Makeup Storage 3     DIY Makeup Storage 1

I’ve decided to put my makeup products in them, but you could use them for whatever you like! I think it’s such a cute way to store makeup because you can put the different types of products in the different plastic pots! However, I do also have a pot next to my laptop where I can keep little treats in! 😉

I picked these up at IKEA and they were £1 for four! I believe they also came in the colour green but I chose coral and turquoise, simply because they look great for summer! They also fit in nicely with my last DIY (the ombre salt jar).

If you’re looking for some inexpensive storage for summer, then I think this a great way to incorporate a pop of colour and well as it being very useful! Click for more DIYs!

Also, the Daydreamer Daily Challenge commences today! I’ve decided that the blogger who’s post I enjoyed the most, will be featured on the page for the following day! I’m going to try to relate the challenges to my posts so click here to find out what it is! ❤

Hey! Hey, wait! One more thing! If you want to hear my brilliant advice, since I’m basically a genius, then click HERE to see an interview I did along with a few other bloggers! Thanks! 🙂


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