The Daydreamer Tag

Dear Awesome Reader,

You guys are always so amazing with your support and so I feel as though I need to give back to you in some way! There’s been the Daydreamer Award, (I have no idea if that’s still going on! Comment if you know it is!) The Daydreamer Challenge and now…THE DAYDREAMER TAG!

Basically, I’m just going to select some bloggers that have been particularly amazing! Now let me just say, I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me in this blogging journey so thank you! I tag all of you lovely people and yes, that mean YOU! Oh and this is also the 200th post published on my blog I believe! WHOOO!

The Best Commenter: Just Call Me Elm Or Something. She gives the loveliest comments and they always make me smile! She’s too kind, honestly! I just think that to take the time to comment with something that can make someone so happy, is just incredible. Thank you Elm!

The Sweetest Blogger: Lost In The World Of Blogging. Annie is so sweet and she’s always been so supportive of everything I’ve done right from the start so thank you Annie! And she’s an awesome blogger!

My First Follower: Bubbakavangha. Not only was he my very first follower, Aiden has continued to support me since the very beginning and he’s amazing! Thank you!

The Language Blogger: Annemarie and Life. Literally, this girl can speak incredible English even though it’s not her mother-tongue. She can also speak German, French and has learnt Latin and Spanish. And she’s and willing to learn more languages. Now that’s pretty awesome! She’s always supportive so thanks Annemarie!

The Humorous Blogger: Sophie Speaks Up. She’s an awesome blogger and her posts always make me laugh! She’s just awesome!

The Awards Blogger: But I Smile AnywayLiterally, the amount of awards she gets from so many different bloggers in incredible and I’m not surprised; her blog is lovely and she’s also very lovely. So thanks for being so lovely! This should be called the Lovely Blogger!

The Friendly Blogger: Lola, Lana & Lily Blogs. Lana is the one who blogs now and she’s so nice and honest and supportive and thank you!

The Best Friend Blogger: Poppy Is A Flower. I’ve known Poppy since we were about two years old and she has always been the best chummy I could have! Even though I moved schools a few years ago, even though she is in the year above me, even though we don’t get to see each other as often as we would wish anymore, I still love her to pieces and she’s awesome! So go click on the link and say hello! ❤

The Co-Founder Of The Teens Tell Their Story Project Blogger: Sherina Speaks. As well as being an awesome blogger, she is also the co-founder of the #TTTS Project and I am so lucky that she was willing to help because she’s come up with ideas that I would have never thought of! There will be more info about the project later on but at the moment we’re just doing A LOT of planning and preparation!

The Awesome Blogger: Aribebop. She’s so awesome being she’s only 11 years old and she’s an amazing blogger! Well done Ari!

The Best Blogger Ever: You.

Thanks for reading and I really want you to share this tag and try it out for yourself! Feel free to use the picture! You can change a few, add more, whatever! Also, go click on the link to all of te bloggers above, I know you won’t be disappointed!

*I’m sorry if I didn’t include you; we already know how extremely awesome you are!* ❤

Maybe you fancy giving this a cheeky reblog to kick start the Daydreamer Tag…? 😉


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